Four Top Multichannel Retailer Examples and How They Achieve It

Are you looking for role model multichannel retailers to emulate in your e-commerce journey? In life, you always have someone who attracts you. You are always working hard to copy or be on par with them. As you know, to be an eagle you must emulate eagles, it can be hard to become an eagle when your daily association is of hens. The policy is not different in the business arena. If you want to stand out, you must embrace and borrow some characters from those retailers with excellent performances. You must develop your strategy. However, it is not evil or crime to borrow their framework. If you are focusing on becoming a success in the multichannel retailing field with your enterprise ecommerce, here are 4 top players in this niche. Learn what they do best, their secrets and emulate them:

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Argos is a leading catalog retailer. The company leverages the use of technology in enhancing their sales. Other than their online store site, Argos lead others when it comes to social media. The company enjoys large following with over one million Facebook likes and counting. Also, they do not stay idle on these pages. They are always on par with any queries coming from their clients. Engagement is critical to marketing.  For this reason, Argos specializes in engagement. Notably, in addition to keeping customers engaged on social media, they emulate the same tactic on their emails. As an upcoming entrepreneur seeking to excel through multichannel retailing, you can copy the engagement design from Argos and make sure you keep customers engaged on your social media and email selling channels.

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If you talk of multichannel e-commerce retailing and leave out the word Amazon, people will doubt your information. Amazon is the kingpin in the multichannel retailing field. But what do they do best that you can emulate as a startup? The first strength of Amazon is enhancing the customer decision making through offering filtering options. The filtering enables customers to get what they want and decide whether it is in line with their preferences.

Furthermore, they recommend to customers after analyzing their browsing behavior. If you are searching for smartphones within a given price range, Amazon displays personalized results of brands that fall within your specifications. The process shortens the customer decision-making period and saves their time. In this essence, if you want to stand out like them, you must ensure you are offering variety yet eliminate chances of overwhelming your customers which could lead to confusion. Also, ensure you use keywords that direct customers to your selling platforms upon conducting a Google search.

House of Fraser

If you are searching for a role model that is targeting customers through engaging several selling and marketing channels, House of Fraser is the way to go. This company connects their e-commerce site with YouTube and mobile apps that ease customer reachability and help them to earn a competitive advantage.

What you can learn from this multichannel retailer is on the need of embracing video marketing, the company adds YouTube videos that explain what they are offering. Also, they have mobile apps that customers can install and transact through them without having to visit the online platform. So, if you are looking on to become a kingpin in your niche, borrowing the app and video marketing approaches from House of Fraser will fasten your dream achievement.

 Final thought

As you can witness, each of the above retailers has a different approach and secret that enable them to win the customers’ heart in the highly competitive marketplace. Hence, combining some of their techniques in your multichannel retailing can make you stand out from the crowd.